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    Notes from the NMHC

    I just got back from the National Multi Housing Council meeting in Orlando Florida, the annual get-together for multi-family owners throughout the country. It’s a three day meeting of owners, some lenders and analysts of the multifamily housing industry from all over the country. Overall this was a very upbeat meeting, as it should be […]

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    Notes from the Commercial Mortgage Bankers Confrence

    I recently got back from the various beginning of the year Multifamily and commercial lending conferences and want to give you a brief update on the Multifamily lending arena. As you know rates are low.  Current rates are just over 4% for most loans with low LTV loans in the mid 3% range.   You also […]

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    Notes from the Freddie Mac Multifamily Confrence

    I know we are all focused on the crazy bond and stock market, but last week I attended the annual Freddie Mac Multifamily customer conference and wanted to give you an update of that meeting.   The general mood of the conference was upbeat with Freddie Mac being very positive about the future of the multifamily […]

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    Rates, a historical perspective.

    Almost every time I talk to borrower they seem to ask my opinion about rates and whether I believe they are low. The decision to refinance any property is dependent on many factors, but unless there is a specific event driving a refinance, such as a sale/acquisition or loan maturity, most borrowers try to choose […]

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    Interest only vs. amortization in today’s multifamily market

    In the good old days, before the collapse of the CMBS market and partial failure of the banking system, interest only (I/O) loans were everywhere.  Banks were offering them, Life Companies were offering them, and Conduits were putting them on practically every deal as were Freddie and Fannie.   And it wasn’t only partial I/O, for […]

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    GSE basics or how to find the right Freddie or Fannie loan

    You hear a lot today that, with the exception of FHA-HUD, the GSE lenders (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) are the best, maybe only, lenders in today’s multifamily market.  This isn’t really true, but its often said.  However, with the exception of a sales call, there’s very little discussion of the best way to access […]

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